The Go-To Housing Resource for the Twin City's Veterans, Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers & Emergency Medical Personnel for savings when buying & selling their home. Serving our local HEROES in everything housing.

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, or renting your home, we offer LARGE savings to our local HEROES as a way to give back.  We have lists of all local down payment assistance & grant programs, homeowners resources as well as info on government programs most homeowners never heard of that only certain HEROES may qualify for. In addition, we've partnered with dozens of local high quality home related businesses to help you save money maintaining your property.    Lastly, portions of all revenues made are given back to local HERO related charities.



Definition of HERO:


"A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities."


-Merriam Dictionary

Who Qualifies?

Fire Fighters

EMT's, Nurses

   & Doctors


Our Savings

25% Realtor Commission Rebate check at closing.  Average rebate check for a $200,000 price:  $1,500

Lender Tips To Save You Thousands

Local Down Payment Assistance Resources

Hero Loan Program Information

$150 Discount on Title Closing Fee

$50 Discount on Home Inspection Fee

Free Insurance Quote & $20 Thank You Gift Card

Discounts on Renting Your Home

Discounts from Dozens of High Quality Local Housing Related Businesses

Our Service

You Only Deal With The Best.  

All of people we partner with have 10+ years of real estate experience in their specifc profession & have a proven and documented track record of exceptional & consistent client service.  Our team also has years of experience working various federal, state, county and city programs HEROES may qualify for & take advanatge of.

Efficiency & Teamwork  

We have been working together as a team for years & have a reputation for fast, efficient work to close your transaction on time. 

Trust & Integrity  

We live and work in the same community as our clients.  Our reputations have been built over time on the highest level of trust and always putting our clients first.

OUr Resources & Charity

Access to special HERO only programs and experience working with them.  

There are many government programs available most don't know about including the GNND program in which certain qualified local public servant works can purchase HUD homes at 50% off the sales price.

Resources and information for everything housing.  

In addition to securing savings from local quality businesses, we have resources and referrals for just about every house related need.  We do our due diligence for you so you are only referred to local, trusted companies.

Charity.   We give back through fundraising, donations and our time.  

We don't just work this program, we live it.   We host annual fundraisers and donate regularly to local HERO related charities.  A portion of revenues from every transaction is donated to a local HERO related charity.




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