Educate yourself with our tools/info.        
        Pick your TCHH Professionals.                 
Save alot of money. 
Receive top notch service.          
See money from your transaction donated to a local hero charity.
Continue to save while maintaining your home.            
Have a trusted housing resource that gives back.
How the process Works  - Buying a home
  1. Go through our site and educate yourself on what loan options you may qualify for or that interest you.  Educate yourself on the many programs and down payment assistance options that you may qualify for.

  2. Pick out a Twin Cities Hero Homeowner realtor and a lender.   Your realtor may provide you with a trusted lender referral if requested, but you may use any lender you wish.

  3. Find a home & submit an offer on it with your TCHH realtor.  

  4. Schedule a home inpsection with aTCHH home inspector and save $50.

  5. Shop your home & auto insurance with TCHH's preferred insurance provider and receive a free rate quote and a $20 "thank you" gift certificate for doing so.

  6.  Go through the loan process and maximize your financing offer with the tips provided from TCHH.

  7.  Close your loan at TCHH's preferred title company and recieve a $150 discount on closing fees.

  8.  Receive a 25% relator commission rebate check after closing from your realtor.  Average realtor rebate check on a $225,000 purchase price is $1,500.

  9.  As a thank you for your business $25 from each TCHH professional used for each transaction is donated to a local charity.

  10.  Continue to save on home maintenance costs and services by using TCHH's local business savings partners.