Items You Should Ask your Lender If they Offer:     



  • Discounts or Lender Credits towards closing costs - some lenders may offer qualified vets, police, fire fighters, teachers and medical staff closing credits or discounts as a means to give back to local HEROES who serve the community

  • No Origination Fee

  • Access & Experience with HERO loan programs - Do they have access to the Good Neighbor Next Door loans which allows qualified Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and EMT's to purchase HUD homes at a 50% price reduction


  •  Free Rate re-lock feature- ability to re-lock to a    lower rate before closing due to rate market improvement (certain restrictions may apply)


  • Low Rates and Fees – Can they shop your scenario with dozens of lenders and PMI companies to get you the best deal possible?


  • Able to beat any offer – Can they review and match or beat other offers to guarantee you get the best deal possible?


  • Purchase and Refinance Loans – owner occupied, 2nd homes, vacation homes and investment properties


  • Access to all financing options – Conventional, FHA, VA, MN Housing, Rural Housing Development 


  • Fast online Pre-approvals – ability to get pre-approved online when its conveinient for you quickly & easily


  • Access to Down Payment Assistance Programs – for 1st time and repeat homebuyers.  There are state, county, city, and even neighborhood programs available.


  • Rehab/Remodel Loans  – for purchase and refi loans.  Do they offer both Conventional & FHA options?


  • Credit repair – for every 20 points below a 740 fico you willl get hit with a higher interest rate.  Does your lender have a rapid re-score feature to give you a quick score improvement  that immediately helps you lock in a better interest rate.  Do they also have access to professional credit repair companies when needed? 


  • Access to 2nd mortgages up to 95% financing – accesss to HELOC’s and fixed rate 2nd mortgages



Because Veterans, Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers & EMT's serve, protect and educate our communities, there are many local and federal loan programs and grants that are available to these local heores that many people have no idea exist.  This is where Twin Cities Hero Homeowners comes in - to put as many of these resources together in one place for our local heroes to educate themsleves & take advantage.  Click on the links below.

Educate, save and enjoy!

We sincerely thank you for what you do.


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Use the above tips and mortgage info to find the right lender to work with you in obtaining every benefit & resource available to you.  We may offer lender referrals at your request, but it is ultimately up to you to determine what lender you work with.

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