A Peaceful celebration & remembrance

Fans pay their tributes to the Prince star on the First Ave building, the location where some of his biggest songs were recorded and scenes from Purple Rain were filmed.

Hundreds of flower bouquets were laid on the sidewalk of 1st Ave. in honor of the local music legend.

Whether you like his music or not there is no denying the impact Prince had on the music industry and the attention he brought to the Twin Cities. There hasn't been a bigger artist who's ever made the Twin Cities their home. Prince put MN and Minneapolis on the music map. On the night of his passing, April 21st 2016, the city had a massive impromptu concert, dance party and celebration paying respects to our local artist's passing. A member of TCHH was there to witness it. It was quite an impressive site seeing thousands of people in the street peacefully and respectfully celebrating a local legend. Major kudos to the City of Minneapolis for making it happen and even bigger kudos to the Minneapolis Police Department for regulating traffic, controlling crowds, and overseeing what was a night many will never forget.

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